What is a Sport Jacket?

A sport jacket is a more casual alternative to suit jackets and blazers that can be worn with casual trousers or dress slacks. This type of jacket is a good choice for restaurants that require a jacket or for business meetings at the clubhouse. It is also a good choice for men who want to look more polished without wearing a full suit.

The earliest versions of this style of jacket were designed for active pursuits such as hunting and shooting. These were called Norfolk jackets, and they had a specific fabric that made them different from a blazer. Today, a custom made sports jacket is usually striped or solid in color, and it has metal buttons that set it apart from other types of coats.

While modern sports coats may not be as thick as the Norfolk jacket, they still have a more rugged feel to them. They are usually designed in tweed, wool, cotton, and even cashmere. They are often patterned, and the pattern can be as subtle as herringbone or as bold as houndstooth.

A sports jacket is not as structured as a blazer and has a looser fit that allows you to wear layers underneath. They are not typically lined, and they may have elbow patches on the arms and a slit in the back that used to serve functional purposes but now serve as design details. Depending on the design, your sport jacket may be embellished with chenille or embroidered name and class year, especially for lettermen. Sport jacket

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