Custom Suits For Men

Custom suits Miami are a must-have for men who want to dress sharp and get the most out of their wardrobes. A tailored suit requires precision to ensure a great fit and quality materials to stand the test of time. While many people choose to purchase their suits from the big retailers in the mall, bespoke tailors offer superior fit and customization options.

A full bespoke custom-tailored suit is the epitome of luxury. The process begins with an initial appointment consultation with a certified custom stylist who takes over 35+ measurements. From there, you can explore a curated selection of fabrics from renowned mills, as well as customize every detail of your suit—from lining to buttons and lapel shapes. The entire experience generally takes 4-6 weeks, and prices start at under $1,000.

Made-to-measure clothing startup Indochino offers a modern solution to the old-fashioned tailoring experience. The company’s instructional videos walk you through the at-home measurement process, and their Style Guides will help you select the perfect fabrics. They also offer an extensive network of showrooms across the United States and Canada, which can be located using their online store locator. Their made-to-measure suits start at $648.

Pepi Bertini of Coral Gables, Florida, has been creating one-of-a-kind men’s attire since 1985. Whether you’re looking for a suit, a sports jacket, or a pair of trousers, his shop offers a unique boutique experience that delivers a perfect fit, unique fabrics, and timely service. He and his team also refurbish leather shoes for their clients, who include celebrities, athletes, coaches, and actors in need of clothing for movies and TV shows.

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