The Little Prince Quotes

The Little Prince is a timeless tale that reminds us to embrace our inner child, and see the beauty of simplicity. The story follows the adventures of a prince who visits earth after having lived on his small, asteroid-like planet which is no bigger than a house. There, he spends his days pulling up baobab seedlings, lest they grow big enough to overtake the tiny planet. He also meets a sheep who is oblivious to the fact that her sister eats them. Throughout his journey, the prince encounters various planets occupied by self-important adults engaged in meaningless activities.

These adults are portrayed as caricatures of what grown-ups tend to do and say, with the narrator himself serving as an example of how one shouldn’t be a “grown-up”. The little prince also encounters a rose who he calls his friend, whom he describes as a flower with three tiny volcanoes and two very rare flowers on it. This quote reveals that true friendship isn’t based on superficial connections, but rather on shared values and goals for the future.

The narrator and the rose eventually learn from a fox, believed to be modelled after Saint-Exupery’s New York City friend, Silvia Hamilton Reinhardt, that what makes something special is its uniqueness. The prince then comes to realise that what is essential is invisible to the eyes, and only the heart can understand it. The lesson is that we should always listen to our hearts, and trust in our intuition. the little prince quotes

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