Embroidered Socks

Embroidered Socks
Embroidery is a great way to showcase a logo on your socks. It adds a personal touch that can make it stand out and become more visible. When designing embroidery, it is best to use thick lines so that they will show up well. This is because thin lines tend to disappear on embroidery.

These mid-calf socks are a classic MARINE SERRE’s accessory, thanks to the logo jacquard pattern and the embroidery on the side. They are crafted from cotton blend, and feature ribbed trims.

Due to the print-on-demand nature of these items, returns and exchanges will not be accepted. Please refer to the sizing guides for each item and read our Terms of Service and Return Policy before purchasing.

Made in the US.
Spandex, nylon, polyester and Dri-Fit materials are sewn together in a specific arrangement to allow the sock to stretch and move while remaining comfortable. The Dri-Fit material wicks moisture to the outside of the fabric and away from your skin so it can evaporate, leaving you dry and cool. Embroidered Socks

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