How to Tell If a Michael Kors Handbag is Real

Michael Kors is a luxury fashion brand that offers clothing, shoes, and handbags. The company was founded in 1981 and is known for its sophisticated style. The brand has a wide variety of styles, from casual bags to evening gowns. The company also offers a range of different materials for its products.

How To Tell If A michael kors bag is Real

If you want to purchase a Michael Kors handbag, be sure to buy it from an official retailer. The company’s website has a zoom function that allows prospective buyers to get a close-up look at the fine details of each product. This can help you spot fakes and make an informed purchasing decision.

Another way to identify a genuine michael kors bag is to check the lining material. Authentic Michael Kors purses are usually lined with a light, almost beige color. In addition, the lining should have a circular logo emblem that is embedded in the leather and perfectly centered. In contrast, fake bags typically feature a logo that stands out more from the bag’s color and has uneven edges.

In addition, fakes often have stitching that is sloppy or doesn’t match the quality of other designer purses. A good way to test this is to compare the stitches to other designer bags that you own. Lastly, a genuine michael kors handbag will have a brass finish on its zippers, and the pull should be longer than the zipper itself. michael kors handbags

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