3 New Tips for Dog Poop Bags

New tips for picking up dog poop are sorely needed. We have been following the same procedure and using the same mode of operation for far too long for this necessary task. The dog poop bags will remain the same. There has been a huge variety available for years, including biodegradable, scented, colored or even patterned options. It is what we decide to do with these dog waste bags that will change. These new tips will propel us into the future as we happily endorse these changes.

1) The first needed tip is how we remember to carry how dog poop bags and how we choose to carry them. Remembering to bring them with us on our outings has always been a challenge. Hopefully, they are stored by our leash so we remember to scoop them up as we head out the door with our canine friend. However, often we forget and must return back home when we remember. Or sadly, we do not remember until our best friend has done their daily duty and then we quickly walk away in the hopes that no one else was watching us. Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence and one that has increased the environmental and health dangers caused by dog waste. Remembering our bags is vitally important for us and for others. Once we have remembered our bags, our choice of how to carry them is also important. Stuffing them in our pockets must change. The potential to weaken or tear the bag which will be holding our pet feces is increased by treating them in this way.

Remembering and carrying our bags is now made much simpler and safer with the explosion of dog poop bags carriers on the market. This unique dog pouch will have a constant supply of poop bags in the interior pocket, so remembering the bags on every outing is a thing of the past. And the secure and safe storage and way to carry the bags will properly protect them from tears or rips.

2) Our second tip is what we do with our poop bags once they are full of dog poop. We have usually tied them to our leash or held them in our hand while walking home or to the nearest receptacle. This too must change. Dog waste contains many disease-causing organisms including bacteria, parasites, worms and their eggs. These dog poop bags must be protected from breakage, spillage, rips or tears. They are also an ugly, medieval site to be displaying to others as we walk along.

The new dog waste bags carrier will protect the bags full of pet feces and also protect the sight of others by removing the disgusting dog poop bags from their view. And the new dog pouch will accept more than one bag.

3) Our third tip concerns our health after using our dog poop bags. Dog poop causes disease and it causes many more diseases than those caused by human feces. Yet we wash our hands after using toilet facilities and haven’t been doing the same after handling dog poop. This too must change. We must wash our hands after picking up after our canine friend.

The sanitary dog poop bags carrier has room for a small bottle of hand sanitizer. This is simple and easy to use and must be used every time after handling dog waste. Since it is carried at all times in our dog pouch and is also easily and readily available, this practice will become widely accepted once we make it a part of our routine and display its importance to others.

Bonus tip: The dog waste bags carrier also has room for other needed necessities when out with our best friend. There are interior & exterior pockets for dog training supplies, treats, park passes, wallets, cell phones and more. There is also a handy clip for keys, flashlights or a dog poop bags carrier. This extra storage in our dog pouch which is always carried with us will also be appreciated.

New ways of doing things will be gladly accepted if they make our lives more pleasant, safer and healthier. For these reasons, these new tips for using our dog poop bags have been readily accepted and appreciated by many. Consider adding this new and unique dog pouch to your life with your canine companion and add a bit more pleasure and sparkle to your life. And in doing so, also help teach others they ways of the future. MK bucket bag

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