Eco-Compost Tumblers: Great, Cheap Compost Bins

Composting can and should be a year round endeavor, as the richness of the soil is dependent upon the hard diligent work put into composting. No bones about it: compost takes some time, effort and some real sweat to get the quality of soil that anyone would want to use. There are some really simple containers that can take the guesswork out of creating compost, and keep the area looking neat and controlled.

How to Use Cheap Compost Tumbler

For the purist, an eco tumbler can be built outside and used for large level compost. A garbage can can be used with some PVC pipe, and it can be sealed and placed on a dowel so that it can be turned as needed. Drilling holes on the sides will help with the aeration process, something that will improve the compost material as well as the proper proportion of green and brown materials. Though opinions vary, the more brown material that is used (that is, hay, grasses, wood chips, and seeds), the better quality the compost will become. Green materials (vegetable peels, coffee grounds, shredded paper, and even tea bags and leaves) will hasten the compost process and enrich it to become a beautiful lush black mixture.

Places to Buy

The best cheap eco tumbler can come from the dollar store. Plastic containers that can fit easily under the sink and poked with holes can be a great way to begin home compost, though depending on some of the things added, an odor can emerge for a time until the compost begins to mature. There are other great ideas for cheap compost bins. Wooden barrels with the holes drilled can make a great bin, and even be eco-friendly as well. Cheap compost bins can be fashioned from wooden milk crates that are lined with several layers of cheesecloth, allowing for the greatest amount of aeration possible, and letting the mixture be easily turned daily.

Practice Green Living

Compost can be a very viable part of the gardening process. It is as important as the planting, weeding, and the harvesting life cycle of gardening. Some of the best compost is matured during the winter months, and made ready for spring planting. It is a great way to help the environment, place nitrogen back into the soil, and prepare for the year round gardening experience. Composting is a good way to take what has been taken away from the Earth and return it in a positive way. glass iced coffee cup

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