Wonderful stuffed animals for children

Children begin to develop skills and thanks to stuffed animals they become much more skilled with their hands and fingers- they are getting ready to handle small objects. They also love to imitate adults, talking on the phone, reading or drawing. At this age, considering the safety of toys is still essential to preserve the health of your children.

Some ideas safe and fun stuffed animals that you can provide include: farm or zoo animals, stacking blocks, dolls, digital painting or crayons, dough modeling and tools such as molds, rollers, little puzzle pieces with pegs, simple musical instruments, books interaction (with sounds, embossing, die cuts, audio, etc.)

To remember how to choose wisely, here are some tips about the safety of toys you choose:

– Try not to be fragile, so the child can break easily.

– Always read the age for which the toy is recommended.

– Monitor your children play.

– Regularly check toys to see if they are worn or break up.

Kids between 3 and 5 are in constant physical activity and have a great need to build and create things. A good toy can seize this moment of his life to put into practice their creativity and imagination. A child between 3 and 5 years likes the challenges that test their skills. Interested in knowing how things work and know that he can build wonderful things like buildings, a great painting or sculpture, make up a song or even a joke to laugh at mom or dad. It is a period of great creativity and expression; the boys are all the time trying to do new things.

Physical activity is constant. They begin to develop great skills in their hands and fingers, allow them to start cutting with scissors and tries to draw a line but still leave it crooked! How about opting for a good companion together with the best stuffed animals? Fantasy is skin-deep: all the imagination of children is in constant activity, but still has little ability to capture the things that come to mind. triciclo elettrico

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