Why Choose a Moonstone Engagement Ring

With their calming blue hues and dreamy luster, moonstone rings are a stunning and unique alternative to diamond engagement rings. Whether you want to show your love for nature or simply look for a piece of jewelry that’s truly one of a kind, a moonstone engagement ring is a beautiful choice. Besides their beauty, this unique gemstone is said to embody passive relaxing energy and to bring good fortune.

A member of the feldspar family, this dreamy gemstone is also known for its healing properties, including balancing hormones and easing menstrual cramps. It’s also believed that this gemstone can help reduce anxiety and even help with sleep. It’s no wonder why so many people are choosing this natural gem as their symbol of commitment.

Moonstone is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. While most of the rings you see online feature a cabochon cut (rounded and polished), some designers are also creating faceted moonstone engagement rings. This style features a more geometrical design that’s similar to diamonds and can come in oval, pear, or emerald shapes as well.

The beauty of a faceted moonstone is that it’s able to reflect light more beautifully than a cabochon. This is a great feature to consider when shopping for an engagement ring, as it’ll help your ring shine brighter and more effortlessly. Plus, it can also add a bit of a sparkle to your finger.

While it’s still important to keep in mind that moonstone is a softer stone than a diamond (which rates a 10 on the Mohs scale), this doesn’t mean that it won’t stand up to daily wear and tear as long as you take care of it. To protect your ring, we recommend avoiding harsh chemical cleaners and instead cleaning it with warm water. If you’re worried about your ring becoming damaged, try storing it in a ring box or container to further prevent scratches.

When combined with sterling silver, a moonstone has an even more enchanting effect. The gray-blue colors of the stone are magnified by the silver, which helps to create a calming and serene vibe. And the best part is that both sterling silver and moonstone are relatively durable, making them a perfect choice for everyday wear.

A crescent moon-shaped moonstone is the center of attention in this ring, which also features a trio of round white topazes and two sparkling black diamonds. The combination of white topazes and dark diamonds complement the blue tones of the moonstone for a striking look that’s sure to turn heads.

The emerald cut is an elegant and timeless option for your moonstone engagement ring. This gorgeous design features a square upper face with step-cut facets that narrow towards the pointed bottom of the ring. It’s a modern twist on the classic emerald cut ring and would look stunning alongside your engagement ring collection.

This delicate and romantic ring is the epitome of romance. A round moonstone sits in a dainty sterling silver setting, while an ornate filigree design frames the stone for added sophistication.

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