What’s The Difference Between Grammer And Grammar?

There’s a big difference! Kelsey Grammer is an American actor. But other than Kelsey’s last name, “grammar” is not a word in the English language. You will not find it in any English Dictionary.

You may ask why should you care? Everyone will know what you mean whether you spell grammar with an “a” or an “e,” right? For some people that’s true. However, there are many reasons to spell correctly.

One big reason simply is, in business writing you need to use good spelling. Perhaps you are writing a cover letter in applying for a job. It may be the best cover letter you’ve ever written. It may make you the obvious first choice for the job. But if you don’t use correct spelling, you will appear, 1) as if you’re not very smart, and 2) as if you can’t present yourself in a proper manner through your writing. Using poor spelling in business communications will reflect poorly on you, and on your employer if your writing goes outside the company. And, can you think of a company that wants to look bad to its customers and potential customers? Good spelling always says something about the writer (the employee), and the company. Poor spelling does also.

Another reason to spell words correctly is because English is a tricky language. You can tell a “tale” (story) and a dog has a “tail”. You may “accept” (take) a gift, but your mother may say it’s okay to accept gifts from everyone “except” (but not) from strangers. If you spell words incorrectly, or use them in the wrong manner, you may change the whole meaning of your sentences and give readers incorrect information.

It is also possible that English is not the first language of your reader. English spelling is even more difficult for those who are learning English. And, it’s also very difficult if they read English that is not spelled correctly. Unlike those for whom English is native, people who are learning English as a second language may not understand misspelled words in sentences.

So what can you do to write better English? Writing tips can be found in many places and the first tip always is, be careful in your writing. Don’t write in a slapdash manner and expect your writing to be acceptable to everyone. If you want to be a good writer, then spell like a good writer.

Second, there are many tools available to help improve English writing. Spell checking is common on most computer word-processors for the correction of the writer’s spelling. And there are other language tools available that offer features beyond simple spell checkers, and which provide help in improving English grammar.

Lastly, there are other great tools available to help you write better English. These are English writing software programs that offer powerful features beyond simple spell checking. These not only identify and correct spelling and grammar mistakes, but also enhance text by distinguishing the proper use of words like “tail” and “tale” and “accept” and “except.” Most simple word-processors will not catch the subtle difference between words like these because, although each word is spelled correctly, they may not be used in a grammatically correct manner. A good writing software program has the power to recognize these differences, every time and make corrections. Such a program can become any writer’s best friend. shiney or shiny

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