What Does Moon Sign Mean to You?

What Does Moon Sign Mean to You?

Your moon sign influences your daily emotions, moods and energy levels. But you can harness its power to work with you instead of against you; gain knowledge about it so that you can live in sync with nature’s cycles for balance and harmony.

Astrological stars are about to shift, with Venus – planet of love, beauty and luxury – entering its Sign of debilitation on August 25th 2016. While this may not be an auspicious position for Venus, it does present some exciting opportunities. Those in the know can look forward to an all-new and improved version of the iPhone being released during this period.

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Moon Phases

The Moon is a celestial body that orbits both Earth and Sun in an elliptical path around our planet. Throughout different phases of its orbit, the illumination of the Moon changes depending on its distance from us.

The Full Moon is the most prominent phase of the Moon, occurring when its orbit aligns perfectly with that of the Sun, Earth and Moon. This alignment creates a right angle in the sky where it rises at sunset and sets at sunrise, revealing all of the illuminated side of the Moon.

Unfortunately, the full Moon is a poor time to stargaze due to its proximity to the Sun and everything on its surface being illuminated by direct sunlight. On the other hand, observing the new Moon can be beneficial since there’s no direct overhead illumination from the Sun.

To view the Moon’s phases on your iPhone, you’ll need an app that accurately shows you its current phase. Deluxe Moon Pro for iOS is such an app; it uses a 3-D model of Earth-Moon-Sun geometry to accurately show you the moon’s position as well as ephemeris data.

This app can be animated with two-finger pinch and rotate gestures, automatically rendering in the correct orientation based on user location. It provides a table of dates and times for upcoming phases and alerts you when one is about to occur with a swipe forward or backward.

Lunar Phases-themed gifts and merchandise for a moon-obsessed nerd can be found from independent artists on T-shirts, stickers, wall art, and more. With every purchase you are supporting artists in socially responsible ways.
Super Moon

Stargazers will have a chance to see an extraordinary super moon this weekend as it passes closer to Earth in its orbit. Expect it to appear larger and brighter than usual during your viewing!

Supermoons occur when a full Moon is closest to Earth in its orbit, known as perigee. Under these conditions, the Moon may appear up to 7 per cent larger and 15 per cent brighter than usual.

Super moons are extremely rare and this one marks the first one in over a decade. The next one is scheduled to occur on May 26.

Astronomers predict the Super Wolf Blood Moon will be visible to people worldwide. Unfortunately, bad weather, light pollution or not being in the right place may prevent some from observing it.

Nasa is providing a live stream of the event on its online TV channel, NasaTV. Starting at 6.30pm BST today, viewers outside the UK, North and South America, Europe and Africa can watch it.

Supermoons, also referred to as “blood moons,” occur when the full Moon is closest to Earth in their orbit and experience total lunar eclipse.

If you’re a fan of taking pictures with your iPhone, the Camera app’s night mode feature can help capture better shots of the Moon in low light conditions. This auto algorithm will use an auto algorithm to boost exposure for better shots.

You can use the app to display the current phase of the moon on its Upcoming and Calendar tabs. It can be rotated, zoomed, animated over time with two-finger pinch gestures; additionally, ephemeris data is included for accurate dates and times.

Moon Sign Astrology

If you’re not an astrology expert, the moon may not be at the top of your list of favorite subjects. Yet it plays an integral role in determining your fate and helping you reach new heights. In particular, its effects on brain power, feelings and actions. This helpful chart explains how the Moon interacts with planets and what that means for daily living; listing its orbit around the Sun as well as when it will transit your natal horoscope and when to expect optimal results – plus providing a handy calendar with useful dates listed.

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