What Does a Sock Manufacturer Do?

Socks are made of soft material covering the foot and leg and absorbing sweat. There are different types of socks for casual, sports and medical use. They come in a range of colors, sizes and materials. The market for socks is booming.

A sock manufacturer is a business that produces socks in bulk according to your design specifications. They can work with you to create patterns and designs, provide samples and prototypes, establish a production timeline, and communicate quality requirements. They can also help with design and marketing advice. They may offer different levels of customization, from a simple private label to a more advanced embroidery process.

The manufacturing process begins with the sourcing of raw materials. The socks are knitted on industrial machines, which minimize the number of seams and improve comfort by reducing rubbing from bulky seams. If you want your sock to feature an embroidered logo, this will require an additional step in the production line and will increase your costs.

Depending on the sock type, sizing and pattern, the manufacturer will turn individual pieces inside out and seam them together using hand-linking or seamless linking processes. They will then pair left and right socks, inspect them for any blemishes or irregularities, and pass them on to be private-labelled and packaged. The boarding process is the first in-line quality inspection to avoid deformities in length, trimming, interlocking and other issues. The socks are then dried by being exposed to steams at fixed pressure and temperature, before they are finally closed up. socks manufacturer

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