What Are Property CRM Features?

Property crm features are a set of tools that help real estate businesses automate daily workflows and maximize leads. These real estate crm software tools include everything from property management cpm software to lead and client marketing. Read on to learn what a property crm does and how it helps businesses juggle the many responsibilities associated with managing multi-family properties.

Among the most sought after property crm features is the ability to digitize cumbersome tasks for both residents and property managers. For example, according to a Property Management Industry Report by Buildium, 16% of renters would like to be able to file maintenance requests online and to have access to other home automation technologies. Some property crms even allow residents to make payments online and send reminders about upcoming lease renewals and lease expirations.

Another key property crm feature is lead generation tools that enable real estate professionals to capture leads through multiple channels, stay in touch with qualified leads with automated lead nurturing campaigns and track their progress through the sales funnel. Some real estate crms also offer document management and transaction management, which can help businesses streamline the closing process and create repeatable closing strategies.

Lastly, property management crm features that help real estate professionals communicate effectively with clients are important. This can include email management, videoconferencing and collaboration, remote property inspections, showings coordination, MLS integration, virtual tours, stacking plan visualization, and reporting tools that monitor client interaction and provide real-time data-driven insights. A good property management crm can also support mobile access so that agents can work from anywhere. For instance, AscendixRE has a mobile-optimized CRM that offers features such as mobile-optimized document management and stacking plan visualization, an integrated MLS and more than 300 fields to describe each property.

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