Video Editor SDK

Video Editor SDK is a headless video editing platform that makes it easy to add advanced video editing features to your app without restrictions on the UI. It’s fast and scalable, allowing you to make impressive and engaging video content to drive engagement, CTR and sales.

A must-have tool for any mobile developer, the Video Editor SDK comes with a number of powerful tools and features. With a comprehensive filter gallery, a handy set of adjustment tools and a crop for social aspect ratios, your users will have all the tools they need to make their videos stand out from the crowd.

Powerful filters, frames and overlays allow your users to create a unique mood for their videos. Whether it’s radial, mirror or gaussian blur, your users will be able to achieve a cinematic look with one tap.

Over 50 transition effects are available to switch between clips seamlessly. Likewise, multiple gifs are at your disposal including fun AR filters to make the most of your camera footage.

Easily record 15-second video clips using a built-in mobile video editor. Trim, add effects, text and gifs to create a video slideshow.

Inspiring and compelling experiences are essential for mobile applications to drive adoption and retention. Give your users the ability to create impressive videos that showcase their best qualities and increase sales.

The best way to show off your app’s newest gizmo is with an elegant and efficient user interface that complements your branding. The Video Editor SDK supports a range of UI themes to ensure a seamless video editing experience across all devices and platforms.

The Video Editor SDK also enables you to create role based design templates that jumpstart your users’ creativity. Use custom assets for filters, stickers and overlays to create a visually appealing UI that your users will love. Meicam alternatives

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