Top Museums In Berlin

Berlin is a city of a great history. Regardless Germany was a state of numerous lands for many centuries, its culture and modern significance in the world is an obvious reason to visit this country and its capital. Precisely, Berlin can boast of numerous historic sites, related to the Berlin Wall and World War II, as well as numerous museums. Besides, history is not the only subject that alerts an attention. Being a capital of one of three most powerful states in the world, Berlin hosts a wide range of exhibitions, performances and cultural events. Rich museum collections cannot but amaze international visitors.

Probably, the most interesting ones are car museums. In the 20th century Germany attained popularity as a major automobile producer in Europe, so there is no surprise in arranging related exhibitions. The most peculiar collection of cars is gathered in Mercedes-Benz Gallery.  While entering the hall, tourists are usually amazed with two gorgeous cabriolets of this brand. These are iconic Mercedes 370S and Mercedes 500-. This brand is marked not only for the visual beauty, but reliability of the cars. In Berlin, most of taxi drivers use cars of this brand.

On the outskirts of Berlin you can visit a quite large museum of German military aviation or Luftwaffenmuseum. In addition, there is a nice advantage – a free entrance. There are samples of military equipment of different times, and there are many “birds” of the Soviet production that operated by the Warsaw Pact countries. Also there various air defense systems are exhibited, in a separate room you can see the uniform of German pilots of certain decades, decals, even in one of the hangars one can find different aircraft engines.

Haus am Checkpoint Charlie is related to the great Berlin Wall. Checkpoint Charlie was put right after determining a border between East and West Berlin, on September 22nd 1961. The museum contains structures, devices and units with the help of which residents of East Berlin tried to cross the Berlin Wall and to emigrate to the West. For example, a mini-submarine with an internal combustion engine, holding to which one or two people could swim; the balloon, which was successfully used by eight refugees; the trolley used by 57 people to escape in the tunnel, built by students in West Berlin. The people escaped in boats, in cars, and even in speakers. All in all, it is a great museum devoted to the saddest times in Berlin. Entrümpelung Berlin

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