The Advantages of a Solid Conservatory Roof

A solid conservatory roof makes a huge difference to your home – not only is it a great improvement in usability and comfort, but it will also add value to your property if you decide to sell. However, as with any type of home improvement, it is important to do your research and ensure that you are making the right choice for your needs and budget.

The three big national conservatory roof installers are Safestyle, Everest and Anglian. All of them score well on consumer review website Trustpilot and all offer a range of different options for replacing your existing conservatory roof. However, be aware that it is not a DIY project – fitting a solid conservatory roof involves the full replacement of the roof structure itself and will involve significant structural work to the rest of your conservatory. Therefore, you should make sure that you get a free survey from a fully accredited installer.

You should also be wary of companies who will claim that your existing conservatory cannot support a solid roof without a complete new build. This is almost always untrue, and it is better to get a second opinion from someone who does not have any vested interest in the outcome of the project.

It is possible to find very good quality, insulated solid conservatory roofs at reasonable prices, especially from small local businesses. The bigger national installers will tend to have higher price points, but they will be more established and likely have greater buying power which means that they can pass on their savings to customers.

One of the biggest advantages of a solid roof is improved thermal efficiency. The added insulation keeps the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer, helping you to make the most of your conservatory all year round. It also improves acoustics by keeping out unwanted noise from outside, so that you can have a peaceful and relaxing space to enjoy.

Another reason why people choose to fit a solid roof is that it reduces uncomfortable glare from sunlight coming into the conservatory. This is a particular benefit if you use the conservatory as a workspace or for watching TV and using computers.

A solid roof can be fitted with a variety of tiles, allowing you to create a look that will match with the style of your home and garden. Slate tiles are particularly striking and will enhance the visual presentation of your conservatory. However, they are more expensive than other tiles and you will need to pay for additional flashings around the edges of your roof to protect it from water damage.

Local councils now require that all replacement conservatory roofs are fitted to the appropriate building regulations. This can be a costly and time consuming process but Rodda and Hocking will handle all the necessary application and certification on your behalf as part of our service. This helps to save you money and ensures that your new conservatory is built correctly and safely. solid conservatory roof

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