Small Kitchen Design Shaughnessy

Getting the basics right is the first step in any kitchen project, but it’s especially critical in small spaces. Successful small kitchen design Shaughnessy requires prioritising, thoughtful use of space and avoiding visual clutter to ensure a seamless workflow and a functional cook zone. From a smart layout to clever storage solutions, these tips will help you create a small-scale kitchen that’s both functional and fabulous.

Minimalist cabinets work well in a small kitchen, as they can visually elongate a room. In this kitchen by Libby Palmieri of House of L Designs, the light-gray uppers also coordinate with the cafe curtains for a cohesive look.

Darker colors don’t have to be off-limits in a small kitchen — they just need to be used sparingly. For example, this Montecito cottage kitchen by Garrow Kedigian uses a deep blue in the cabinets and accent wall to add depth without feeling cramped or closed-in.

When cabinet space is at a premium, opt for open shelves instead. This clever solution makes the countertops feel bigger and allows you to display a fun assortment of pretty jars, salt and pepper shakers or decorative accents.

Small rooms tend to feel claustrophobic, so incorporate plenty of illuminating elements to keep the mood feeling airy and bright. Here, a slick hood and overhead can lighting keep the vibe streamlined while adding drama and function. For even more illuminating effect, install interior shelf and cabinet lighting like this bakes & Kropp kitchen. small kitchen design Shaughnessy

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