Robbins Brothers Engagement Rings

Robbins Brothers offers the world’s single greatest collection of engagement rings. Robbins Brothers started in Seattle in 1920 and by 1995 had opened the first of its “world’s biggest selection” stores. And, of course, Robbins Bros. now does a brisk Internet business as well. The company website also provides assistance for you to find the closest physical store to where you live. Currently their physical locations are in California, Illinois, and Texas.

Robbins Bros. takes pride in being a highly attentive, helpful diamond and other engagement rings merchant, and because of this practice it gets a lot of in-the-family business, with grandparents recommending to their grandchildren when they are getting engaged or married to get their rings from the company. Their customer service extends to pre-engagement and pre-wedding help; it’s not just limited to selecting rings.

Except for special orders or custom designs, all engagement rings come with an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. If you decide to take a ring back, you get your money back in the same format as you paid. So if you paid cash, they give you cash. If you used MasterCard, they credit your card. And so on. You can also apply for store credit and finance your chosen engagement ring or put it on layaway. They want your engagement ring to be affordable.

If you want to upgrade the centerpiece diamond in your ring, Robbins Bros. will extend to you full credit for the original purchase price of your Center Diamond at any time that you decide you’d like to trade it in towards the purchase of any diamond merchandise, just so long as the price of the new item(s) is not less than double that of the original purchase price. Trade-ins aren’t accepted on any used mountings or settings.

Robbins Bros. touts the fact that its greatest asset as a business is its personnel. It advertises that it chooses employees only if they have “brains, personality, and class.” Robbins Bros. employs ring consultants at every one of its stores, and there are also master gemologists and ring designers there who uses the patented Gemquest program to help educate clients on metals and gems so that they can make a truly informed decision about what to buy.

The company’s objective is to get you to walk out of their store with “that perfect ring”, and they want you to be their friend and not just their customer. As alluded to above, they even employ experienced “romance experts” to advise on the proposal, the wedding planning, and anniversary celebrations.

Robbins Bros. are direct diamond importers and their selections include rings made by some of the most distinguished engagement ring makers in the world including Jeff Cooper, Scott Kay, Tacori, A. Jaffe, Simon G., and Ritani. They also offer their own proprietary rings. tungsten rings wholesale supplier

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