Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Law is a complex area of the law with ever changing rules and regulations. The immigration laws impact the lives of many people from around the world. Whether you are trying to get married in the United States, applying for citizenship or just want to visit family members, the advice of an experienced local Portland Immigration Attorney is critical to your success.

Immigration Attorneys help with all aspects of the immigration process. A Portland Immigration Lawyer can help reunite families, create new ones and even assist with asylum, green cards, US Citizenship and deportation defense. Immigration lawyers can also provide assistance for corporate business immigration needs, helping multinational companies move their key employees to the US.

One of the most common reasons to contact an immigration lawyer is to get assistance with a visa. There are many different types of visas available and each type has its own set of requirements. Getting the right visa is critical to your success in the United States and can be very complicated. The assistance of an experienced Portland Immigration Attorney can make the difference between getting your visa and not getting it.

There are millions of people living in the United States who do not have legal status. If immigration enforcement finds them, they can be placed in detention and face removal proceedings. Deportation defense attorneys can help people avoid detention and stay in the country with their families while they fight to get their case heard by a judge.

Getting arrested for any reason can cause immigration problems. An experienced criminal defense attorney who understands how immigration laws work can help clients avoid deportation, even if they have been convicted of a serious crime. An attorney can help by ensuring that a client’s immigration status is not affected by a criminal conviction and by explaining what steps must be taken to restore their citizenship or obtain a green card after they have been convicted of a crime.

Obtaining a green card or citizenship is an important step in the life of any individual. The process is lengthy and complicated, but with the help of an experienced Portland Immigration Attorney, it can be made much easier. A skilled attorney will guide a client through every step of the process from filing the required forms to preparing for and attending interviews. If an interview is deemed unsuccessful, a good immigration attorney will be able to offer guidance on how to reschedule the interview and what options are available for the client. An experienced local Portland Immigration Attorney will know what to expect at an interview and what steps need to be taken to ensure a successful outcome. immigration lawyer portland

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