Pilates in Wollongong

Pilates is perfect for everyone, whether you have a chronic injury or are simply looking to strengthen your core, improve your balance and flexibility and feel healthier. It can also be done as part of a holistic treatment plan alongside physiotherapy and other treatments for optimal outcomes. If you have never tried pilates before, we recommend a one-on-one pre-assessment with a physiotherapist prior to commencing classes. This will allow your therapist to conduct a full clinic based assessment, review your medical history and formulate an appropriate program for you with your strength, weaknesses and goals in mind.

Our Physiotherapists are highly trained in Clinical Pilates which is a highly specialised and individualised exercise approach to help with injuries and conditions. It is only offered by Physiotherapists, which means it can be used in conjunction with your regular physiotherapy appointments, as well as allowing you to claim rebates under Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC).

Unlike traditional Pilates where exercises are done the same for all of the clients, our Clinical Pilates classes are highly tailored to each client and their needs. Our Physiotherapists will perform a detailed assessment to determine the exercises that are safe for your body and those that are not, minimising the risk of aggravating any injuries or making your symptoms worse.

The studio is equipped with the latest reformer equipment which allows for a high level of movement in all planes of direction using inbuilt spring loaded resistance to create a total body workout that will have you feeling balanced, aligned and spacious.

These classes are smaller in size ensuring there is lots of interaction, feedback and guidance from the Instructors so that each client can get the most out of their class whilst learning the Pilates principles such as correct breathing, alignment, concentration, precision & mindfulness. This is what makes real Pilates so different to the “monkey see monkey do” trends of fitness & body weight based classes.

This is a fun and challenging class that combines ballet with Pilates principles choreographed to upbeat music. It is a low impact, high intensity workout that will have you feeling like your own ballerina! pilates in wollongong

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