Online Sports Betting 101 An Introduction to the Types of Bets to Make

If you are into online sports betting,

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 this article can be useful to you. This is a list of online sports betting types in various online sportsbooks.There are many kinds of wagers. The most basic of which will be a person betting a pal that one’s favorite baseball team will be the champion in its division or purchasing a football square for that all-American game of Super Bowl. Now, sports betting is taking it a level further and putting bets with a bookie or bookmaker. Online sports betting takes out the physical aspect of going to the bookmaker and now you make your bets online.Here are the types of bets that you should be aware of when you play online sports betting.Online Sports Betting: The Types of Bet to Make # 1: Proposition BetThe proposition bets are types of wagers which basically focus on a very specific result of a match or a game. Included in the examples are figuring out the number of goals that each team will score in, say, a basketball game. Another example of a proposition bet is when a person wagers on whether an athlete will score in a baseball game or betting that a certain football player in a particular team will garner enough hits more than another player on the competing theme.Online Sports Betting: The Types of Bet to Make # 2: ParlaysThis type of online sports betting which is called parlays involves several multiple bets which go up to 12 on an average betting. The payout is quite huge for the person who wins this wager. An example of this is that a wager will have to bet on 4 different teams in a 4-team parlay. This means he is betting that all of the teams he selected will win. If the 4 bets fail to win then the gambler loses the cash he bet on this parlay. However, if the 4 teams win then he gets an average of a 10 to 1 payout, which is a better payout than if he bet on 4 different teams at separate times.Online Sports Betting : The Types of Bet to Make # 3: Progressive ParlaysWhat is a progressive parlay? Well, it involves several bets again, usually up to 11 or 12, and the payout is even better than a regular parlay. The payout for this kind of betting is actually pretty handsome.Online Sports Betting: The Types of Bet to Make # 4: TeaserIn the world of online sports betting, the teasers permit the bettor to mix his bets on one, two, three or more various games. 프리미어중계

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