Nom Nom Vs The Farmer’s Dog

Fresh dog food is a great way to provide your pet with high-quality nutrition. This type of diet also helps prevent common health problems like allergies, skin and coat issues, and digestive disorders. It’s a more natural approach to dog food that helps reduce the need for toxic chemicals and fillers. But choosing which fresh dog food is right for you and your pet can be confusing. Here, we’ll compare nom nom vs the farmer’s dog so you can make an informed decision about which meal plan is best for your pup!

Both nom nom vs. the farmer’s dog are USDA-approved and use ingredients sourced in the United States. They both work with veterinary nutritionists to formulate recipes that meet the highest standards of safety and contain no preservatives or additives.

The Farmer’s Dog is one of the most popular fresh dog food brands, with thousands of positive customer reviews. They have a comprehensive questionnaire that allows them to get to know your dog’s needs before suggesting a menu.

They offer several different recipe options, including chicken, beef, pork, and turkey. They even have a grain-inclusive option for those who want to add whole grains.

Nom Nom’s meals are smaller, too, making them easier to tuck into tight freezer spaces. They also come in single-portion packs, which make it easy to give your pet a healthy meal without having to worry about overdoing it.

You can order as much or as little food as you want from Nom Nom. Unlike The Farmer’s Dog, you don’t have to order a minimum amount for each meal. And they even offer half-serving plans if you want to supplement your dog’s diet with supplements or other foods.

Their packaging is also very eco-friendly and recyclable, and their packaging materials are BPA-free. Their cardboard boxes, insulation, and food storage containers are biodegradable as well.

Both Nom Nom and The Farmers Dog have excellent customer service, with many customers praising their fast response times. They also encourage their customers to donate food to shelters and rescues.

They each have a money-back guarantee and have a policy that lets you donate any unwanted or unsatisfactory food back to the company, which is a nice touch. They also let you buy a large box of food at a discount and ship it to a friend or family member, saving them the hassle of having to pay for shipping.

Nom Nom and The Farmer’s dog both calculate your dog’s nutritional requirements based on age, weight, and health condition. Both services will recommend a meal plan that meets your dog’s unique needs and provide a transition and feeding guide to help you get started.

Each of these companies has a variety of shipping options, so it’s worth comparing them to find the best fit for your pet. Nom Nom offers three shipping options — every week, every two weeks, and four weeks — while The Farmer’s Dog allows you to choose a frequency of delivery from week to two months. They also allow you to edit your address, rush or delay an order, and change the food amount if you need to.

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