Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel that leans modern, there are many beautiful cabinet options to consider. From easy-to-install silhouettes that ship for free (thank you, Amazon Prime) to customizable alternatives from beloved brands like Plain English, the latest cabinetry choices for modern kitchens offer a balance of clean-lines and performance with high-end value and beauty.

Simple flat cabinet doors create a clean-line appearance, with sleek linear metal pulls as the perfect discreet accent. Unlike other design styles, the best modern cabinets don’t draw attention to themselves with excessive paneling or ornament. The pure geometry of horizontal and vertical planes uncluttered by ornamentation defines contemporary style, and these smooth-front wood cabinets do just that.

A few brightly colored cabinet doors can be a great way to add modern flair to a kitchen. In this kitchen designed by Mary Patton Design, frosted door fronts allow you to see the colorful glassware inside. This simple update makes a big impact, and the brass half moon cabinet pulls perfectly compliment the light blue quartz countertop and botanical-themed wallpaper.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing modern cabinetry is that it’s all about you. Pick a look you love and will still enjoy when the trends change.

If you’re interested in incorporating modern elements into your kitchen, talk with a designer at NOLI to assess the space and discuss your goals. Our designers can help you find the right cabinets and hardware for your modern kitchen. modern kitchen cabinets

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