Modern Italian Kitchens

In a country where cooking spans centuries and family tradition is revered, Italian kitchens are known for their warmth and intimacy. But today, creative Italian kitchen ideas go beyond traditional layouts and rustic decorations to embrace contemporary interpretations of family tradition.

One of the key characteristics of modern Italian kitchens is that they are clean and bright, making use of natural light whenever possible. In addition, they often feature large islands with sinks and prep areas that make them stand out from more traditional American kitchen designs. Many also have built-in refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers for a sleeker look.

Backsplashes are another major element of modern Italian kitchens, and they can be used in a variety of ways. For example, a backsplash with hidden shelves can be a convenient place to store spices and cookbooks. In addition, a stone backsplash can be a beautiful accent that brightens up the space and adds a unique touch.

A backsplash with a mosaic design can offer a more artistic flair, while an organic stone backsplash can be a durable and attractive option that will last for years. Alternatively, some homeowners may opt for glass tiles that offer the same look as natural stones but require less maintenance.

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