MAIJIN Machining Parts

A machined part is a metal segment that a machine cuts and shapes to fit the function of the end product. Machined parts come in various sizes, and can be made from a variety of different metals. They are sturdier and more precise than other kinds of manufacturing parts. One common mistake to avoid when designing a part is to design walls too thick, as that will require more machine cutting time, thereby increasing the overall cost of the production run.

MAIJIN machining parts can machine a wide range of metals, including titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and Inconel (austenitic nickel-chromium-based superalloys), casting materials, and plastics such as polycarbonate, ABS and acetal.

If you have an older sewing machine that you love, you will need Singer sewing machine parts from time to time. Replacement parts will always be cheaper than replacing an entire sewing machine and you have every incentive to keep your old sewing machine functional. You know all of its little quirks like the back of your hand and feel comfortable using it.So, how do you go about finding affordable replacement Singer sewing machine parts? Too many people end up replacing their entire machine because they can’t find the replacement parts that they need from local stores. Luckily, there are some alternatives that should be looked into before you toss that old machine you love.

Check with Singer

You can often get replacement Singer sewing machine parts by contacting the manufacturer. If they are still making the model that you own or at least still have replacement parts stored or on the market you should be able to purchase them over the phone or on their website and have the parts mailed to you. Many people assume that they can’t get help from the manufacturer unless their machine is under warranty or that they have to send the machine in to Singer and pay a hefty repair fee. This is completely unnecessary even if the manufacturer did suggest that. You can find charts on the Singer website that will help you see what parts they offer and you can order the part without sending your machine in. Most Singer sewing machine parts are easy to replace so there is no sense in paying a big fee for someone else to do the replacement for you.

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