Introduction to Existential Coaching

As humans, we all have the experience of facing and dealing with any number, sometimes a high number, of uncertainties of life. These can be personal (for example: health issues, employment, or romance, family, etc) or related work (for example, the eruption of an unanticipated conflict within your company, or between competing organizations or nations) and often contain elements of both. Whatever uncertainty may be, however, our experience of it causes a felt sense of discomfort or anxiety.

Coaching recognizes that existential anxiety is not necessarily “bad” or a problematic presence itself that should be reduced or eliminated, on the contrary, Coaching sees anxiety as way of challenge the human being. The feeling of anxiety can be and usually is challenging, we can get in touch with our sense of being alive, and is the source of all creative ideas and original, and decision-making. On second thought, a life that was free of anxiety would be empty of meaning, excitement, curiosity and the need to move in itself.

However, when anxiety about the uncertainties experience of life becomes confusing, unmanageable or intolerable, you try to start paths designed to reduce or eliminate anxiety. Unfortunately, the most common forms they take may be problematic in themselves.

Usually, we rely on strategies that refuse to deal with the existence of anxiety you feel. Or try to transform our anxiety felt in other types of anxiety with which they may be more able or easier to handle. Or is it likely to “fall apart” in our anxiety felt by either acting impulsively and irresponsibly or follow “plod” through life with the hope that eventually the anxiety will vanish sooner it will.

While it is a “given” that all human beings experience anxiety, just what the specific events that cause the highest degree of intolerable anxiety in each of us and how we respond to it is determined by our unique “form of being in the world “- our world view.

Existential Coaching argues that it is very useful to apply the general techniques and specific unique experience of life issues. Instead, the creation of a safe and reliable “living space” encourages customers to learn more accurately and honestly experience just what your worldview is, what it is to experience oneself and others through the vision the world, and how the current dilemmas, concerns and uncertainties that are occurring may be challenges, or the results of that very same world view.anxiety coach

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