How to Troubleshoot a Camper Refrigerator

The fridge is one of the most important parts of your RV — it’s where you keep your food and drinks cold. So when it starts acting up, you need to know what to do!

You’ll also need to understand how these refrigerators work so that you can troubleshoot them. That’s because there are different types of RV fridges, and they can be powered by propane or electricity. Some use absorption technology, while others use a compressor. And some use a different voltage input, too.

It’s also important to check the airflow around these appliances. The fridge should be able to circulate air easily. This will help it cool more efficiently, and you’ll be less likely to have problems with your fridge when you’re camping in hot weather.

Make sure that your fridge vents are clear, and that there are no obstructions in the fridge access panel area. Also, don’t overpack your refrigerator, as this can impact airflow. And if you have a fridge with an internal fan, consider using it to improve circulation.

Another thing to note about RV refrigerators is that they can take a while to cool down. So if you’re planning on camping in hot temperatures, consider turning your fridge on the night before your trip so it can get cool. And be sure to stock your fridge with cold beverages, as this will help the refrigerator work more efficiently. And don’t forget to check the seals on your RV fridge on occasion for gaps that can let warm air in. dometic rv fridge

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