How to Create One-Of-A-Kind Custom Invitations

Whether you choose to go custom on all of your stationery or just on save the dates and day of wedding cards, one-of-a-kind invitations can really set the tone for what your guests can expect at your wedding. The theme, color scheme and even the words you use can clue in your guests on how formal or laid back your celebration will be.

To make your invitations feel completely one-of-a-kind, consider a unique die cutting or printing process. Dip dye, for example, is exactly what it sounds like—your paper is dipped into a dye bath, leaving only a strip or an entire ombre effect behind. This technique can be used to highlight an important design element, like the wording on your invitations, or it can even be a creative way to include a map or other useful information for your guests.

Another great way to personalize your invitations is to use photos or a unique pattern for the envelope liner. These are easy to order online or through a local print shop, and can really add a little something extra to your invite suite.

If your venue is a particularly unique location or somewhere that might be difficult to navigate, consider adding an insert with helpful information about parking and other details. You can also add in a line for dietary restrictions, or a note asking your guests to bring gifts. Finally, remember that a fully-stuffed invitation suite will require additional postage—take a sample to the post office to get an accurate weight estimate. Etemply

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