How to Choose Your Own Photo Painting

A photo painting is a wonderful way to preserve and share your memories with friends and family. It can be anything from a pretty holiday snapshot to a family portrait or your pet’s photo. Malen nach Zahlen eigenes foto

It also makes a great gift. Imagine a special someone receiving an original hand-painted art piece of their favorite person or pet.

Choosing your own photo to paint is a fun and exciting challenge for anyone! But before you start, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your image is a good candidate for the artsy treatment.

1. Your photo needs to be a high-quality image!

The quality of your photo will directly affect the outcome of your painting. Make sure your image is large and of high resolution, with good depth of color.

2. It needs to have interesting focal points and compositional elements.

When you’re selecting an image to paint, you should consider several aspects of the scene: Some points of interest (focal points), good composition and lighting, and a variety of values.

3. Shading and depth are important for portraits or any other subject matter that requires a good amount of contrast.

4. Incorporating a pop art effect is easy with BeFunky’s Artsy effects, but you can also add outlines for a more illustrative look and texture by blending your brushstrokes in with the photo painting filter layer using Photoshop brushes.

5. A well-chosen background is a good choice for your photo, as it will add visual interest to your artwork and help to frame the subject.

6. Adding a background or other elements to your painting is a fun and exciting way to make your artwork unique!

The textured effects that BeFunky’s Artsy effects create are a great way to add extra character to your artwork and make it stand out from other filterized photos.

7. If your original photo has a lot of clutter, you may want to remove it to make space for your subject.

8. If you’re going for a more realistic approach to painting, avoid photos that have been significantly altered.

9. Use a good camera and editing software to prepare your photos for painting.

A good camera will allow you to capture the best possible image to paint from, and a good editing software will let you manipulate your image into something that’s closer to what you’re after.

10. The colors in your original photo are also a great thing to keep in mind when creating your painting.

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