Health and Safety Awareness Course

Every year hundreds of people are killed and thousands more suffer from illnesses that have been caused or made worse by work. Keeping the workplace safe is everyone’s responsibility. Effective training and education is essential to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace. Health and safety awareness course helps employees understand their rights and responsibilities to work in a safe environment.

Providing basic occupational health and safety training to all employees is mandatory for most industries. This online course is designed for those who are new to the workforce or need a refresher course on their responsibilities and duties under health and safety law.

The training course starts with an overview of the legal requirements to be aware of, and then goes on to cover some key issues that include;

Employees are trained to recognise workplace hazards and how they may be controlled. They are taught about the hierarchy of controls and how the risk control system should be applied to work activities. They are also reminded that they must report any accidents, incidents, or hazards and can do so without fear of retaliation.

Other important health and safety issues covered are: the main factors that contribute to slips, trips, and falls in the workplace; electrical safety including the use of portable appliances; and fire safety rules and emergency procedures. On completion of the training material an online assessment is automatically triggered which consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and must be marked at 75% or above to pass. Unlimited resits are provided at no additional cost. health and safety awareness course

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