GE Appliances Customer Service

If you have a GE appliance that breaks down, you may need to call GE Appliances Customer Service. A GE Appliances customer service representative can help you with many issues, including: resolving warranty claims, helping with appliance installation, providing technical support, troubleshooting and trouble-shooting, assisting with billing issues, scheduling repair or replacement services, returning or exchanging products and ordering appliances. GE Appliances also offers a number of customer support options for its customers, including online and live chat.

Consumers generally report a high level of satisfaction with GE Appliances customer service. Most consumers are able to resolve their issues with a single phone-based call. Some consumers have complained that their GE appliances broke down prematurely or were not repaired in a timely manner, however, these reports appear to be isolated incidents.

GE’s “zero distance” philosophy focuses on getting close to its owners to create and deliver a great experience with its products. The company’s focus on establishing relationships with its owner base is reflected in the company’s approach to customer service. The GE Appliances Customer Service team strives to provide fast, efficient and courteous service to its customers and owners.

In addition to offering a number of different types of GE Appliances, the company offers home protection plans for its customers. These extended warranties are sold by Assurant and cover one or more of a homeowner’s major appliances for an annual fee of around $75 per device. Having an extended warranty can save you a lot of money on repairs for your GE appliances, especially when they break down after the manufacturer’s original warranty has expired.

The company’s Dixon, Kentucky Appliance Park was the site of a massive fire in 2015. The fire was caused by a gas leak from a refrigeration unit. The fire destroyed more than 50 of the facility’s buildings and displaced more than 800 employees. The blaze was a significant setback for the company, but it appears to have recovered from the incident relatively quickly.

Employees at GE Appliances, a Haier company are generally satisfied with their job. Out of 182 GE Appliances, a Haiercompany employees who participated in Comparably’s anonymous employee survey, 65% gave the company a positive rating in several key culture dimensions. Employees at GE Appliances, whose CEO is Kevin Nolan, rate the company above average in Office Culture, Professional Development and Environment. GE Appliances Customer Service

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