Floating Pumps For Water

Floating Pumps for Water

For those in need of moving large amounts of water, these floating pumps are an ideal solution. Using a combination of float switches and motors, these portable water pumps can move water quickly from flooded areas such as basements or ditches to other locations such as lakes or ponds. They can also be used to drain irrigation areas or to help supply water for fire suppression purposes. Depending on the model chosen, these floating pumps can provide water at an approximate rate of 840 gallons per minute and up to 30 ft lift.

The float switch is similar to what you have in your toilet tank; when the water level rises it trips the switch to turn on the pump and when the water levels goes down the pump turns off again. When selecting a float switch to go with your pump make sure the contacts are rated for the starting load current that your water pump will demand and that the float is constructed from materials capable of handling the environment in which it will be used, such as being resistant to corrosion.

Another consideration in selecting a pump is the size of the pump, measured in gallons per minute (GPH). An average home requires 8 to 12 GPM. When selecting a pump size be sure to factor in the amount of time the pump will need to run and be ready for use as well as the height the pump needs to reach in order to pump water from its location to the desired destination. floating pumps for water

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