Finding a Plumbing Contractor

When I began my business as a plumbing contractor I spoke with a colleague who had retired from the plumbing business. I asked him what was most important for my new business to turn out well. His response was “pricing” and “quality of work” and keeping them balanced. If I focus on high quality of work at a good price I would in no way have to be concerned about keeping a client.

One real concern he had for me was that once a plumber becomes extremely active and has a sterling reputation, he may not be able to deal with emergency repair calls as swiftly as needed. However, as in all businesses there are problems that arise when your aim is to offer quality service at an affordable price. You will have to staff your plumbing company with adequately trained and qualified workmen, and this means charging enough to compensate for the superior quality workmanship.

In most situations, a plumbing contractor does not fully focus on pricing quality of service, even though this is what is looked for most often by customers. The majority of plumbing companies focus on quick service and low prices. But this doesn’t automatically mean you get a high-quality job. In a good number of cases this objective just causes more problems than it solves. As a plumbing contractor that concentrates on swift and low-cost services, you are more likely to be on the telephone with discontented customers demanding a return to fix the issue. If you are a customer of a cheap plumber you will likely regret trying to keep those extra few dollars when the repair leaves you with more problems than you started with.

Cheap plumbers often are not licensed or insured. Unfortunately, it may be that an injury to the uninsured plumber on your property may lead to you being held liable for his medical bills. Another tactic that cheap plumbers use is to slash their expenses by using lower quality parts or fixtures. The low price may be appealing but they may not last as long as a superior quality and somewhat more expensive product. If you are given a bid that appears too good to be true, make sure you get a guarantee on the quality of the work and parts. While you do want quality parts and labor, don’t let yourself be talked into paying too much for something. You should have an idea as to the cost of major parts or fixtures. You can get good rough figures simply by checking plumbing supplies at the websites of Home Depot or similar home improvement stores. For example, let the plumber know that you want a specific toilet, water heater, etc. and let him know how much you will pay for it. spartan tool houston

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