Does a Plain Tee Shirt Still Exist?

Whatever the fashion, there is always a plain tee shirt that can be found for men or women. The problem is finding the perfect tee shirt for women. There is such a wide variety in today’s market, that you have to search for the fit you want, whether your style is loose fitting, relaxed fit, or slim fit. Then you have to choose a neckline, whether it be crew neck, v-neck, scoop neck or boat neck. And then there is the last and most important decision… You have to choose the material that you like the best. There is cotton, cotton mixes, hemp, bamboo and man made fabrics making up a wide range from which to choose from. Within these materials there could be a texture finish which could be smooth, brushed, waffled or ribbed. With all these variables in just a plain white tee shirt, the possibilities are endless as to what you can get.

Now that you have the fit, the neckline, the material, and the texture, the design elements can be added. You can always go with a solid color whether your style is pastels, bold primary colors, acid brights, electric neons, or natural neutral colors. Again, the possibilities are endless. And to add a different color stitching takes on a whole new order of color choices.

Now you have the basic tee shirt that you want and still there are more choices. You can add prints (most likely done silk screening, or in a small quantity is digitally printed on to the tee shirt), patterns and/or embellishments such as cut-work, studs or rivets, pockets, buttons, or embroidery. This style can range from pictures of your pet, children or other loved ones, ethnic prints, animals, cartoons, brand name logos, and many other forms of artwork.

It’s fun to wear tee shirts that express your personality and your opinions whether it is words, a color, a plunging neckline or a picture. A classic Tee shirt will never go out of style, (vintage tee shirts are still in style) they can use some of the newer modern techniques to keep it trendy. Maybe putting a logo in the back neck area of the tee shirt. A change as small as that will separate the fashion followers from the fashion victims. Girls can be very harsh no matter what age. So when shopping for the perfect tee shirt, follow your style, not the style of the most popular rock star at the moment. bamboo pajamas womens

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