Cucumber Sandwiches

Cucumber sandwiches are the perfect finger food for a ladies luncheon or a tea party. They are light and refreshing and can be served with a glass of iced tea or mint lemonade.

Use English cucumbers, which don’t need to be peeled and have a low water content. The sandwiches are best made just before serving to avoid the bread becoming soggy.

Cream Cheese Spread

Cucumber sandwiches are a staple at tea parties and make a great snack or light lunch. They also pair well with other bite sized foods like our Easy Salads and refreshing drinks. They are a perfect choice for bridal showers, baby showers or any other quaint gathering where light finger food is required.

The spread used for these sandwiches is simply cream cheese with a bit of mayonnaise mixed in. This combination helps create a smoother spread with more flavor. You can use a plain herbed cream cheese or even a flavored brand if you prefer.

A couple of tips to help keep these sandwiches from becoming too soggy: First, try using English cucumbers (also called burpless or Persian cucumbers), as they have fewer and smaller seeds which will help reduce their water content. Secondly, salting the cucumbers before assembling the sandwiches will help draw out excess moisture and create a barrier between the bread and the cucumbers.


Cucumber Sandwiches are a classic tea party appetizer or light luncheon dish. They’re dainty, elegant, and perfectly refreshing! They’re also a great option for a bridal shower, baby shower, or Mother’s Day brunch.

This finger food is best served shortly after assembling, or at least within a couple hours, because cucumbers release water as they sit that can make the sandwiches soggy. However, you can prepare the cream cheese mixture up to 2 days in advance and keep it tightly covered in the refrigerator.

If you want to keep your Cucumber Sandwiches crisp, lightly salt the cucumber slices before using. This simple technique wicks away excess moisture, which makes the cucumbers less slippery in the sandwich and also a little less soggy. Also, use a fine-textured sandwich bread for the best results. It will hold up to the heavier, more filling ingredients in these sandwiches better than a fluffy or plain bread. You can even use a whole wheat or low-carb bread for these Cucumber Sandwiches.


Cucumber sandwiches are a classic finger food for tea parties. They are easy to make ahead of time, but are best served within a few hours of making them, or the bread may become soggy.

English cucumbers are the best choice for this recipe because they have smaller seeds and a soft, edible skin. They also are less watery than standard American cucumbers.

To keep these cucumber sandwiches from becoming soggy, soak the cucumber slices in salt to draw out excess moisture. Then drain and pat the cucumbers dry with paper towels. You can also coat the cucumbers with a thin layer of butter to seal in the moisture.

In a mixing bowl, stir together cream cheese, mayonnaise, and herb seasonings (dill, parsley, or chives). Spread the cucumber mixture evenly over 8 of the bread slices. Place the remaining 8 slices on top to make sandwiches, and cut each sandwich into quarters or triangles.


Cucumber Sandwiches are a classic tea party treat, perfect for baby showers, bridal showers and Mother’s Day brunches. They’re also easy to prepare, making them a quick and simple appetizer for any gathering.

A classic cucumber sandwich is made with thin slices of cucumber situated between two pieces of soft, light white bread spread with a flavored cream cheese spread. The sandwiches are often garnished with mint leaves, chives or other herbs for extra color and flavor.

Cucumber sandwiches are popular in the United Kingdom, where they reached their zenith as an upper-class symbol of daintiness in the 1800’s. They continue to be a favorite of tea parties and lunches, and are frequently used as shorthand in novels and films for upper-class “dainty” people.

To make these delicately flavored cucumber sandwiches, use a fine-textured, soft bread, such as Pepperidge Farm’s Pullman Bread. To prevent the cucumbers from becoming soggy, toss them with a small amount of salt before using, then roll in a clean kitchen towel to wick away the excess water. Gurkensandwich

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