Cars Birthday Party Starring A Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

Years ago, kids were happy to have a party with balloons, a chocolate cake and a few streamers. Today’s kids want more and with so many great themed party choices – it is little wonder that the pint-sized partygoers are hungry for more. One of the most popular themed birthday parties for both little girls and boys is Cars! Cars – the movie was released by Disney in 2006 and 2011 saw the release of Cars 2. Other than the gorgeously decorated, bright red Lightning Mcqueen birthday cake – children are able to select Cars’ decorations to add to the party table. These include, streamers and noisemakers, and even lovely party bags or packs for the birthday girl or boy to hand out to friends.

Novelty birthday cakes have become an overnight success and even before a Lightning Mcqueen birthday cake graced the party table of thousands of under-10 year olds – cakes and confectionery have been inspired by many television programs or movies. Kids love to invite their best loved cartoon character to their parties and by using a Disney movie as theme, the party and decorations are inspired by their favourite characters. When it comes to Lightning McQueen – who can forget the part he played in the Cars’ movie and how he was so determined to be the first rookie to win the Piston Cup. Besides the flashy red car’s determination to win, children who loved Cars’ also remember the valuable lesson that Lightning McQueen taught and that is to value and treasure friendship.

If you are about to throw a three or five year old a birthday party, there are hundreds of novelty birthday cakes to choose from, but if you are looking to host party that will be enjoyed and chatted about on the preschool field, a Cars’ theme is a winner. Even though kids are a lot more advanced and they want a lot more out of a birthday party – a themed party, be it Cars (the movie) or a cake that bears a striking resemblance to SpongeBob Squarepants, is all that’s needed to make the day extra special.

The nice aspect about a Cars’ movie theme is that there are so many activities that can be centred on the main theme. Silly car races could be held or kids could be invited over to watch the actual movie or each guest could pick who they want to be for the day – be sure to have the part of Lightning McQueen reserved for the birthday boy or girl. Carefully decorated cupcakes will also work just as well for a themed birthday party and these always go down well at parties (no matter what the age.. Birthday cakes

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