Can a Dog Dewormer Cure Cancer?

Dog cancer is an extremely serious medical condition that is often fatal. Typically, tumors are seen as fleshy but solid masses of tissue underneath a canine’s skin and fur. However, they can also be deep within the body and cannot easily be identified. This is why regular examinations and semi-annual veterinary appointments are so important. Many dog owners are now discovering that a humble pet dewormer that costs just a few dollars can have dramatic results when it comes to eradicating tumors in their dogs. The results are so remarkable that they are being spoken about not only in the world of holistic pet medicine, but even in some of the most strict, peer-reviewed scientific magazines like Nature.

The deworming medication in question is fenbendazole, which is sold under the commercial name Panacur. It is a drug approved in Canada as an antiparasitic for animals. Some preclinical studies are examining the possibility of using fenbendazole to treat humans, but it is not yet a known cancer treatment in any way.

In the video posted to TikTok and Facebook, a Canadian veterinarian named Andrew Jones claims that he treated his own patient with fenbendazole who had advanced lung cancer that had spread to other organs and bones. He says the patient’s cancer was cured after a few months of fenbendazole treatment. The video has been reposted on these sites since February 20, 2023, with a current total of more than 111,000 views.

Other fenbendazole-related videos have popped up on YouTube and other sites, including some with a cult following. One of these reposts a portion of a 2019 news report in which KOCO TV interviewed Joe Tippens, an Oklahoma City man who credits fenbendazole with curing his own stage four small-cell lung cancer that had spread to other organs. Tippens is not the only person to claim that a simple dog dewormer cures cancer, but he was among the first and his success has made him an international sensation.

Melanoma: This is a type of cancer that occurs in canines with dark skin and most commonly develops in areas where hair is present. Typical melanomas appear as dark (brown to black) lumps that may be raised up above the skin surface. If left untreated, a melanoma can spread to other parts of the body and be life-threatening.

Osteosarcoma: This is a type of bone cancer that affects children and adults alike. It most commonly affects the knees and wrists, but can also occur in other bone structures, such as the spine, ribs, and ankles. Unlike other types of cancer, osteosarcoma can be difficult to diagnose because it often does not cause symptoms until the cancer has advanced to an inoperable stage.

Fortunately, a new immunotherapy has shown promising results against osteosarcoma in dogs. This treatment combines a vaccine with genetically modified bacteria and is being used in combination with standard chemotherapy. Specifically, it targets a mutation in the BRAF gene that is associated with the disease in human patients. Hopefully, this research can lead to similar therapies that will improve the survival rate for people suffering from osteosarcoma and other forms of cancer. dog dewormer cancer

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