Best Casinos to Play Poker

Playing poker is just one of the games that casinos have to offer. However,

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 which ones are the best for playing poker you may ask? This article breaks down the best in both Vegas and Atlantic City. One of the first is the Venetian in Las Vegas. The poker room here has plenty of space, has a lot of poker tournaments and the dealers and staff are excellent. The Bellagio is the next one on the list. You can find different poker stars playing in the back room. This has a great mix of games, people and atmosphere.

Now for casinos that are on the Atlantic City side of the equation, The Taj Mahal has the best poker room available with well over 80 different tables. There is a wide selection and variety of games as well as great people and a good atmosphere. The Tropicana is also a great place to go for poker games. They have 43 tables available with different games, great people and dealers as well as great atmosphere to boot. The Borgata is also a great poker room as well with 85 tables and a Las Vegas feel.
Other casinos in Vegas that make the grade are the Mirage, MGM Grand and Caesars. All three of these have great poker rooms with an excellent variety of games.

 The dealers and people are great and the atmosphere is also great as well. So there you have it. Different gaming establishments that have the best poker room in both AC and Vegas. No matter which side of the US that you want to go to, you can find the best poker in these establishments. So if you want a hot game of poker, then check these places out for hot games and a lot of fun to go around. online casino bonuses

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