Airport Car Rental Services

Airport car rental agencies have developed a host of services to help their customers select and prepay for their rental cars so they can be on the road quickly. New technologies are being employed to provide instant check-in so travelers can avoid long lines and miscommunication. By constantly introducing industry innovations for internet reservations, computer database tracking and instant ticket dispensers, auto rental companies are making it increasingly easy for hurried travelers to whisk through airport car rental services and be on their way in record time.

On-line airport car rental websites allow you to take your time selecting the size and model of the automobile you want to hire at your destination. You can even view pictures and examine the specifications of the available models. You may want to consider saving money by selecting a ‘green fuel’ vehicle that runs on alternative fuels such as natural gas, biofuel and electricity which also helps the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint while you travel.

Once you decide which type of automobile you want to rent, you can use the on-line forms to determine the cost of your rental car — including the taxes, deposits and road use fees that are not typically included in the advertised price of the daily rental rate. You can then reserve your rental car on-line and pre-pay using a major credit card. Personal checks and debit cards are not accepted for most car rentals. If you are a frequent traveler, most airport car rental agencies have special clubs you can join to receive priority services and deep discounts. Many major airlines also have membership clubs that offer you car rental discounts, and by combining the two you can realize some significant savings, especially on business-related travel.

Automatic ticket dispensers have been developed for busy customers to use in most major airports by the leading car rental agencies so you do not have to stand in line — although ticket agents are still available to help you if you have questions. When you prepay on-line, you receive a code or printed receipt that you can enter into the agency’s ticket dispenser when you arrive at the airport. Once you enter your code at the airport, it alerts the car rental lot attendees of your arrival, and they can have your car ready and waiting by the time reach their deployment area. Some agencies even offer pick up at the luggage collection area or have delivery services if you have other arrangements for airport pickup but will need a rental car afterwards.

Airport car rental agencies have also devised quick and easy drop off strategies so that customers can be close to their point of departure when they have to leave their rental car behind. Most large airports have shuttle buses or light rail trains to transport passengers right to their airline check-in gate. There are also satellite stations set up all across the country where you can drop your car off at locations other than the airport car rental agency.

Many airport car rental agencies offer extra perks and discounts when you book a package deal that includes airfare and lodging with your rental car. By paying in advance for all three aspect of your travel, you can save not only money, but the time and hassle of making all the individual reservations yourself. There are often coupons for local attractions included in these packages that you can visit in your airport rental car. kayak rental near me

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