AI Marketing in Action

ai marketing
The introduction of ai technology into day-to-day marketing functions has ushered in a new age of customer engagement. It has shattered barriers that once seemed insurmountable, and opened up the opportunity to make digital marketing more efficient than ever before.

Effective AI marketing tools can offer a host of advantages, from cost savings to increased accuracy in customer targeting. Ultimately, these technologies help marketers optimize steps in their marketing strategy that are labor-intensive or susceptible to error, such as data analysis and campaign planning.

A great example of ai marketing in action comes from beauty brand Sephora, which launched a chatbot to dispense skincare advice on Kik in 2017. The bot helped consumers narrow down their cosmetics choices, beginning with a quiz about product preferences. Sephora found the ai marketing initiative so successful, it has since expanded its chatbot offerings to multiple platforms, including Facebook and Messenger.

Despite the growing importance of ai marketing, customers still prefer to communicate with businesses via phone. In fact, a 2022 Salesforce survey found that three in five consumers prefer to call a business when seeking assistance. When used properly, ai marketing can ensure that the human touch is preserved in all communications with consumers. ai marketing

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