Memento Firefox Addon


Now managing your memento library gets even easier. Download this Memento FireFox toolbar to add articles while surfing the web or search for articles available in Memento

Firefox Add


1. Add/Import Button: Memento can import articles directly from many websites and online journals. If you are one of those websites, the Add button gets highlighted (with green color plus icon), indicating you can import article from this website. Just click on the button to add article to your memento library. If you are on any other website that is not supported by Memento, the button gets disabled.

2. Search: Use the text box to enter your query and click on the “search” icon. If you want to search based on author name or keyword, then use the drop down menu  and click on “Author” or “Keyword”. By default, the search function tries to find articles based on title.

3. Memento Icon: Clicking on memento icon allows you to navigate either to memento homepage or to this blog

Installing Firefox Addon:
1. Click on “Download button” above and save the file on your desktop
2. Start firefox and click on File > Open File. Browse to desktop and select mementotoolbar.xpi
3. Restart the firefox and there should be a new toolbar for Memento (as shown in the above image)

Uninstalling Firefox Extension:
1. Start firefox and Click on “Tools” > “Addon”
2. In the popup menu, search for “Memento Toolbar”.
3. Select “Memento Toolbar” in the popup menu and click on “uninstall” button
4. Restart firefox and the memento toolbar should be gone.
Note: if you don’t want to uninstall but only hide the toolbar, then right click on an empty space  in any of the toolbar you have and uncheck “Memento toolbar” from the context menu (or popup). This will only remove the toolbar but won’t uninstall it. So if you in future you need the toolbar, you can again right click on any empty space on any toolbar and check “Memento Toolbar”.



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